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We work with affiliates and advertisers in over 50 countries.Our campaigns include Dаtіng, Installs, Gаmblіng, Finance, Wap Click and E-commerce.

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For Affiliates

  • Individual Referral Program
  • Very Friendly Affiliate Manager
  • Custom Tracking Platform
  • Over 200 Live Offers
  • Guaranteed Top Payouts
  • Accelerated Payment Options
  • Rewards Program & Contests
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For Advertisers

  • Fast Reports/Fraud Control
  • Custom Tracking Platform
  • Lead Generation, Flat-Rate Sales
  • Over 1 Million Conversions
  • Dedicated Account Managers
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Client Says


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Evelyn Riley

Business Development Manager

imuly, the future standard of Performance Affiliate Network.
Want to get all the benefits in one solution - connect to the imuly.

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Ethan Green

User Acquisition Manager

It's a real pleasure to do business with imuly
Their algorithm allows us to generate better conversions in numerous territories. Moreover, every conversion is always rewarded by on time payments and a perfect track record from imuly.

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Marie Soto

Partner & VP Affiliates

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Willie Munoz


Imuly are LEGIT!!! We’ve been working with them for a while now... the smartlink pulls money out of thin air (AKA remnant traffic and redirects).
They’re super fast and always willing to help us out too. Can’t imagine a better partner in this industry!!!

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Susan Gardner


imuly is simply great when it comes to get some serious ROI from your advertising budget.
As an advertiser I can say LP provides clean and profitable traffic and getting campaigns up and running is a matter of no more than few minutes. Well done guys!

General Faq

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What exactly is imuly?

Our software is custom built from the ground up so we don't depend on unreliable hosted mechanics.

02. When will you pay me?

We offer timely net 30, net 15, and even weekly payments. Check with your Affiliate Manager for more information.

03. How will you pay me?

You can request payment via PayPal, Webmoney, Payoneer and Bank Wire.

04. My account was suspended. What can I do?

If you account was suspended for fraudulent activity you can reach out to our compliance department for help.